Please see below for simple answers to good questions about what we can do for you and your association!

Do you only print magazines?

We primarily print magazines, but if you have a great idea that you need brought to life, we will work with you exhaustively on a solution that you will be happy with!  We also print books, from Industry manuals to coffee table books, as well as conference brochures. We have worked with our clients to create gift boxes, direct mail pieces, small promotional products, and many other items, so if you need advice or asistance, we are always here.

Do you have to print my publication to design it?

Not at all! We are more than happy to provide a print-ready PDF, as well as packaged native files, to the printer of your choice.  Our Prepress department will make sure that any further processing of the final files is minimal, so your printing costs will be lower.

What if my publication is outside of your range?

The range we identify is our ideal range, where we are the most competitive. We can work with you to provide a price that you are comfortable with, regardless of your size.  If we cannot be competitive enough for you, or if you are truly outside of our capabilities, we can make a recommendation for you to one of our trusted partners.

Why is your printing facility in Little Rock, AR if you are located in the DC area?

We print primarily from our facility in Little Rock because it is closer to the center of the lower 48 states, and allows for an even distribution of your mailings throughout the country. This allows for your members in California to receive the issue at the same time as members in Maine, and makes it easier for you to plan press releases or other news to coincide with the receipt of your magazine. We also have local print facilities that can print anything that needs to stay in the DC Metro area.

Do I need to have a magazine background to work with you successfully?

Of course not! That is why we are here. We know what we are doing, and we can work out the details for you.  We are happy to teach you what you need to know, and help you every step of the way.  

            Even if you know magazines, you still may need assistance in finding the best way to mail and ship, or to add a special insert into your magazine in the position that you want, and at a price that fits your budget.

Do you publish online publications?

Yes, we do!  We partner with NxtBookMedia, Inc., based in New Holland, PA to provide our customers with an outlet for online publications.  We recommend that everyone supplement their printed magazine with an online version, to reach a wider customer base, and offer a better mix of media.  While not everyone reads online, your customers will appreciate a digital option, useful for sharing individual articles and information.

Who is your typical client?

Typically, our clients are associations and trade organizations, usually non-profits, but not exclusively.  This is not the entirety of our clientele, just the majority.  We have taken on projects from individual businesses, as well as small items for individuals as needed.

Do you have a resource to help me layout my publication?

We don't have a specific resource that will help, but we do have plenty of information and tips on our Resources page, and we are always glad to field any questions you have or offer template assistance as needed.

How can I get my files to you for printing?

We try to make that as easy as possible!  We would prefer your document in either a print-ready PDF or as packaged native files, and we have an option for customers to upload files directly to us on Our Customers page.  We have the presets needed to produce a PDF for print on our Resources page.